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Dance is like a blessing to me, it’s an art, it’s a passion, it’s a joy, it’s a happiness, nothing makes me much happier than dancing, it’s that part of my life that would be with me forever, it’s in

431 Votes

Freestyle Dancing for YOU to – Michael Jackson’s “Day and Night!” 😀
Hope you like my lil’ dance
Vote for me! 😀 <3

2 Votes

Wassup Fam! It’s ya boy Ben Ely from California throwing at you several of my Funky signature Dance moves! 😀
Please VOTE for ME if you enjoy :]
text BEN to 797979
and Stay Dancing! :]

1 Votes


10 Votes

Inspired by Tight Eyes 💯

0 Votes

Popping Dance with song: Biometrix Fire
Enjoy and vote me please!

11 Votes

victory steve

0 Votes

Saweetie – Tap in | Kadi Kõpper Choreography/Freestyle

4 Votes

Bryan Smith (Iam_u.u.b) Ovato Dance Contest Entry!

4 Votes

This video is the reason I’m called Miss Energy, it’s full of energy, swag and sass

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