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Roger Yack

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Roger Yack is the quintessential entrepreneur, bringing exceptional creative business development and communication skills and extensive team leadership experience to the table.

Mr. Yack was the founder of an award winning pool and spa company in Southern California, where he served as CEO for over 27 years. He has been a principle owner and VP of Sales and Marketing at Travopoly Travel, LLC, a vacation and lifestyle company with an innovative B2B2C sales and marketing approach aiming to revolutionize the travel industry, and Sales and Marketing Director at Sixty Seconds to Yes.

As President of American Smartphone Inc./Saygus, an American manufacturer of smart phones headquartered in Utah, Mr. Yack was instrumental in bringing Saygus’ V2, hailed “the Superman of smart phones”, to manufacturing by securing transparency, trust and alignment between investors, shareholders and corporate staff.

Mr. Yack excels at sales and sales training that is focused on relationship building and communication skills. He consults in the design and development of corporate and individual training programs, has coached and mentored senior representatives and executive staff and field leaders of a variety of different companies, and has hired, trained and managed the sales forces of federal government agencies.

Mr. Yack’s focus has shifted toward the crypto-currency environment, which he describes as the pioneering entrepreneur’s limitless playground, based on the potential for this disruptive technology to restructure and redesign our businesses, communities and personal lives in ways that have been unimaginable only a couple of years ago.